Pressing Pause

Our Beginning

The ceiling fans of my childhood hummed incessantly, struggling to keep the heat at bay. Underneath, my Popo would finally take a rest on the rattan sofa. The dying light of the evening splashed shadows across her creased face. Snuggled up against my grandmother, I twisted and turned the gold ring that encircled her middle finger and begged for yet another story.

And so, stories always held great power to me.

Stories give shape and meaning to times and places. They allow us to empathise, to understand, to question beyond ourselves.

Thus, Indiigo Culture always has been and always will be about story telling.

I started Indiigo Culture for three reasons. The first is a passion for fashion. Second, I wanted to address the lack of Asian representation in the industry. Third, I found shopping to generally be a meaningless and faceless exchange of goods. There had to be a different way to consume fashion that was connected to the makers across Asia. Indiigo Culture was hence born in 2018, a boutique with a people and planet first philosophy that tells the stories behind every item.

Our Journey

Our Family
In the two and a half years since we started, our family of makers and designers have grown. We have over 15 partners in 7 countries across Asia. From weavers in Vietnam, silversmiths in Indonesia, to woodworkers in Uzbekistan and designers in India, we have curated and created items that are about quality over quantity and experience over ignorance. Together, we move to create a fairer and more fabulous future.

Our Mission and Values
We have always strived to be more than just a store. It has been our priority to organise and support events that advance sustainability and women empowerment, partnering with thought leaders, other firms, and non-profit organisations to increase awareness and fundraise for shared aims. We have carried out panel discussions, fire-side chats, workshops, and pop-ups in Singapore, New York City, and Ho Chi Minh City.

We appreciate the outpouring of love and support our Indiigo Culture community has given us throughout the years. 2020 has been a difficult year for us both financially and emotionally, as it has been for many. At the core, our struggle has been about finding ways to continue our community engagement in meaningful ways online and behind the scenes with the makers. To this end we are taking a pause.

Pressing Pause

Our journey thus far has very much been ad hoc, based on gut feeling and sheer grit. As a young and small team this combination of flexibility and tenacity has served us, our makers, and our customers well. 

To have sustainable growth and greater impact, we realise we have to enter a phase where we are not just ambling onwards. I want Indiigo Culture to move forward and evolve with a clear roadmap that also holds true our mission and values.

To everyone reading this, I am grateful that you have been with us on our journey. Many of you I know personally and appreciate the belief you have in Indiigo Culture. More of you are friends I have yet to meet, and your support means the world.

 We have decided to run an archive sale on our website until 5th May 2021 so that you may still continue to show your support for our family of makers and designers from all across Asia who are also individually impacted by the pandemic. Thereafter, should you have questions or require any after-sales support, we would be most delighted to assist you at

– To take a rest is to go the greater distance.

Since I was a child, my grandmother was always an advocate for my restless child self to stay still at times, to quieten my heart, and to have peace.

Though Popo is no longer with us, I am heeding her advice. Team Indiigo will be taking some time to regroup and centre ourselves for the future. We promise to be back as Popo’s legacy of storytelling lives on in me and Indiigo Culture.

With all my love,

P.S. You might still notice glimpses of Indiigo Culture around and that's because we are taking this time to actively experiment and explore what this next chapter will be for us while taking a break, so do stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!

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